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House Brand
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Eannae classic ranch milk
450ml, 1000ml
20ea, 12ea
Kind of Products
Product specification
Non-anti biotic certified ranch produced raw milk
Using non antibiotic, non bactericides, non growth hormone, non hormone drug feed Strict and systematic management on cattle shed, milky facility, feeding Premium raw milk from Non antibiotic certified ranch.
Highest grade 1A raw milk from healthy milk cow
Made from the premium 1A grade raw milk, the best quality, bacterial counting standard, in KOREA.
The milk produced in factory certified HACCP
Our milk which is produced clean and hygienic by HACCP certified production facilities, is reliable to drink safely
HTSR Pasteurization (pasteurize in 72~75℃ for more than 15 seconds)
Using HTST type pasteurization, Minimize destruction of nutrients of milk, we can feel the original taste of milk.
CCS (Cold chain system)
From the ranch production to the customer purchase, the cold chain system is applied. Because all the process is managed by our cold chain system, our milk can be keep fresh.
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