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Business Site

Best Quality starts with me
Head Office
IT Valley road 36, Gonggeun myeon, Hoengsung gun,
Gangwon province.
bus Public transportation (BUS)
Hoengsung inter city bus terminal ->
Korea Federation of Livestock Cooperation bus stop ->
2-8 BUS (Poongsuwon way) -> IT Valley gil 36 Get off
taxi Public transportation (TAXI)
Hoengsung inter city bus terminal ->
- Chowonri IT Valley (Fare about 15,000won)
vehicle Private vehicle
Enter National highway #6 Yangpyung direction at
Gonggeunmyeon Shinchonri IC ->
Go straight 6km -> Hoengsung IT Valley gil 36
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Sales Headquarter
location Location
KPGA Building 501, Unjungro 121, Bundanggu,
Seongnamsi, Kyunggido
tel TEL82-31-711-9810
fax FAX82-31-711-9811
transport Public transportation
(BUS : Unjung dong office bus stop)

Intra city bus: 2, 103, 220, 303, 330, 340, 340-1, 350
Shuttle bus: 32, 74-1
Red bus: 1303, 1550-3, 9003, 9004, 9005, 9007, 9507
subway Public transportation (Subway)
Take off at Pangyo station and transfer Shuttle bus
vehicle Private vehicle
Turn left toward Unjungdong community center
at Dumil intersection after enter Seo Pangyo IC.
Go straight 2.2km
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